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1987 Porsche 944S Drivers Side View with a BEAUTIFUL 1999 35th Anniversary Mustang GT.  Nice looking, but still can't touch me! Front View Rear View.  Notice damage to drivers side bumper.  This is 3" dual custom exhaust! Passenger Side View
Drivers Side Back Seat Passenger Side Rear Seat Notice the cracked seats.  They are power leather seats which do work. The interior does not come with the stereo. This suspension is what provides the great handling.
Rear View Mirrors with Leather Protective Boot w/ Emblem This 944S has the 944 Turbo fiberglass front facia. Porsche 911 replica wheels. Brand New NOS Tank in Spare Tire Well Another View of the NOS Tank

A small chip of paint is missing just above the front bumper. 1 inch long groove about an 1/8" deep in front bumper. Good size scrape w/ paint missing. The rear spoiler has a gash near the center. Notice that the bumper is missing the plastic pad.  The bumper does have the pad on the right side.
3 inch chip of paint missing. The plastic corner piece for the bumper is missing. Yet another view of the damage over the rear passenger side fender. Rear quater panel has a dent and paint missing from a fender bender with a mail box.  Wheel also has minor damage. This is the same damage as the other two photos, just a different angle.
Drivers side seat is worn with foam exposed.  Arm rest also has damage. Leather is cracked in the passenger side seat.  Foam exposed. The sun has cracked the dash.  I now have a dash cover on it.  Stereo not included! There is a small dent in the rear rim.  I have replaced the tire with what you now see and haven't had any problems. Driver side front fender has some white paint scraped on it from fender bender.

Aluminum radiator and under carraige.
Custom 3" dual exhaust with x-pipe. Dual 3" Delta Flowmasters 3 chamber mufflers.  What a great sound! Chrome alternator and damper.