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1987 Porsche 944S with Chevy 400ci V8

I originally started my quest for sports car supremacy/performance before I even had a license.  My father and I built my first Porsche 924 engine when I was 16.  We did a fairly good job, THE SECOND TIME AROUND.  Apparently my dad was new to Porsches and he didn't know that in 1976 Euro and 1977 US the 924 used two different main bearings.  The second time around he got it right.  Guess he should have used a little plastigage to check clearance.  He was in a rush.  

Two Porsche's and six years later, I found my upgrade from my then 1978 924.  A 944S 87 model that was sitting at a Import Auto Repair Shop.  It was gorgeous, it had the special "S" rims that only appeared on one other model that Porsches made, the 928's.  It had ABS, Full Leather Electric Sports seats, factory alarm, electric sun roof, cruise control, power steering... the list goes on and on....  The only thing it didn't have... a working motor.  The previous owner busted a timing belt and bent 8 of the 16 valves.  I talked to the shop owner, and he told me, that the kid who owned the car was screwed, because his dad bought it for him, but he couldn't come up with the $3k it was going to cost for repairs, and the dad was pissed.  So that's where I stepped in, and bought the car as-is and took it home 2-3 weeks later.  I was SOOO in love with the car, that the minute it showed up to my house, WITH BLOWN MOTOR, I immediately washed it, waxed it, Armoraled it and called all my friends over to see it.  EVERYONE loved it... and they ALL wanted rides... problem was, and I had to tell each one of them... the motor was busted.  Well it didn't take me long to get up the rest of the money I had to rebuild that 188hp 16 valve 4 banger.  And I did all the work myself, with few parts going out for actual machining, except for the head (replaced all 16 valves) and block to get it honed.  And I was done.. (It took like 3 months to get it done right..) Damn did I feel like the man. I gave everyone of those friends of mine a ride, and they ALL loved it.  All except one....this one guy... well he just liked it... I'll explain that in a minute..  

Well I took it with me to college that following year, and I used it to talk to the ladies, impress the frat boys, and piss off the cops.  Well.. one fateful day, I made a mistake that would change the life of this car..... I put it up against a 5.0 Mustang.  Anyone care to venture how I faired ??  I got my BUTT kicked.  I was pissed.  Why ?? Why did I lose, my car looks better, handles better, and has 188hp ?? How could he win so bad ?? two characters... V8.

I then asked my VERY good friend (he was the guy who just "liked" the car when I first got it running) at the time... "hey.. how come you can KICK a Mustangs ass and I can't ??"  His answer ... 3 numbers.... 350.  He told me that his S10 blazer that could destroy Mustangs and beat Corvettes by a small margin, had a V8 350CI motor that he and his dad put in.  One year later, I was fed up with losing... I thought Mustangs were bad, guess how I felt when a Vette would kill me ??  I thought to myself.. "Lets do it !!".  I then began an exhaustive search of how, who, when, where and how much it would it cost to do all this.  I found 2 companies.  Renegade Hybrids using Chevy V6/V8 conversion and another guy who was doing Buick V6 conversions.  The Buick V6 guy eventually went out of business, and also gave me indications that he was looking to do so when I first called him.  That left Renegade Hybrids, at the time owner was "Andy".  Andy was a hell of a nice guy, but let me tell you, he didn't know shit about doing a "bolt-in conversion" like he claimed on his website, videos and phone conversations.  I bought his kit, at the total cost of $4176 including ALL pieces SUPPOSEDLY necessary to getting the car STREET WORTHY.  The parts in this kit were far from that.  Now Renegade Hybrids is under a new owner!

 My original "Bolt-in" took an entire summer to complete.  I worked with a fellow Porsche lover, also a Engineering Student at University of North Carolina, and we BUILT this conversion the WAY IT SHOULD have been from the start.  Andy (originally owner of Renegade Hybrids) was against doing things right, IF it required welding.  He felt that the average John Doe, didn't know how to weld, and didn't want or have at their deposal welding equipment.  Well, I gave him MANY solutions to his FLAWED design, and everyone of them, he answered with "Yeah, that sounds great, probably will work better then what I designed, but I cant do that in my kit, because the average guy doesn't have a welder".  Instead Andy liked to use words like "Wallerring out", "OBLONGING holes", "cock-eye'ing angels", and everything else short of duck tape (although that may have been a suggestion of his at one time or another).  Well we did it right.  I had my first "muscle machine", 305ci and it ran like a top... well as far as I knew...   Well I took it to the street, and I LAUGHED at the Mustangs, and I Beat the Corvettes by a little, and I THOUGHT.. I could beat my buddies 350 s10 blazer.  Well, I took him for a ride in my car, and he said "Its better".  I could have killed him, I said "Get in your s10, and we'll see how much BETTER I kick your ass."  Guess what... it was a stale-mate.  I couldn't beat him, he couldn't beat me.  I didn't do all this to TIE.. hell no !!  I began the fight for power again.  I asked everyone where I COULD get a a 350.. and I found one.. and I bought it... then one day, I stop buy a muffler shop (another good friend of mine owned it) and I told him, I am going to have you build me ANOTHER custom exhaust, this time, to work on a 350.... He told me.. Hell if your going to do a 350 over your 305, why not do a 400 ??? A FOUR HUNDRED ??? Your kidding me ??  Such a motor exists ?? I was a PORSCHE guy, not a Chevy guy, I thought 350 was the biggest small block you could get.  NOT only did he know for SURE they had such a beast... HE HAD ONE !! Two hours later.. I had one... I bought his off of him.  Well now that I already CONVERTED the Porsche to accept Chevy V8's I had NO problem putting this 400 in after I had it rebuilt.  Needless to say, I WON !! TO THIS DAY, not a single STREET legal car has EVER beaten this MONSTER.  

Most recently, I converted the 400 into a RACE READY 377 Cubic Inch NITROUS monster, with a MOTOR ALONE horsepower rating of 500 and with the 250hp nitrous kit, total 750hp.  It will produce 900 ft lbs of torque with the nitrous!  This new layout has less then 3,000 miles on it, and I have NOT used the nitrous yet, because I HAVE NOT taken it to the drag strip.  The car can currently BURN 1st and 2nd gear off the line, or while your moving, simply by giving the car full throttle.  Then it you throw it into 3rd gear during rapid acceleration, it will "kick you sideways" and burn the tires in 3rd.  You tell me where you would EVER be able to use the nitrous system on this monster ??? ONLY AT THE DRAG STRIP.  The project is done.  I CAN'T be beat on the street!  Sure guys with HUGE race budgets can beat me at the DRAG STRIP, but they CAN'T see me on the street, I always win on the street, even against my buddies NEW Z06... GET THAT CRAP OUTTA HERE... Viper ?? OWN 'EM.  They cant beat me either.  To show HOW serious I am about the cars performance, the WINNING bidder can take $1000 off his FINAL winning bid IF HE CAN BRING me a car that is street legal and the car beat me. I WON'T even use my nitrous system, no need to, the car that can beat this doesn't exist.  The motor alone in this car makes over 500hp and cost roughly $10,000 to build (parts and labor).


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